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Story time

Why you should
let us dress you down.

At Issaiah, we believe chillwear is no longer a strictly at-home dresscode. By putting the emphasis on apparel quality and design, our super-soft essentials can be combined into endless outfit options.
Basic yet fresh, and suited for different outdoor occasions.

Added bonus: the sheer bliss of being comfortable in and with what you wear, knowing that our clothing has been ethically and sustainably produced.


in Portugal.

100% GOTS certified
Organic cotton

only the best will do.

About Us

Issaiah was created in 2021 by two young entrepreneurial spirits whose shared passion has always been fashion-fueled. With one of Belgium's most vibrant & couture-crazed cities (Antwerp) as an inspiring backdrop, the two entrepreneurs are determined to change people's views on what makes the perfect basic.

About the Brand

People tend to assume they need accessories, patterns or color matching to create an aesthetically pleasing and fashionable outfit. Well... no. We're here to teach you the ways of sustainable simplicity. Of high-quality comfort. Of 'essentials' in the fullest possible sense of the word. Oh, and we'll make you look cool in the process.

Your new wardrobe of perfect basics is here.